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Recent News

Miller & Spencer Companies Introduce U-Shredd-It!


Secured and trusted service for your private document Destruction.   Don’t let the paperwork pile up.

If you don’t need it

U-Shredd-It !

If you don’t need it, U-Shredd-It!



A Miller & Spencer Company

Who Are Our Customers?

How Secure Is U-Shredd-It?

Residential, Business, Medical, and Government.


1.) We are Insured and Bonded.

2.) Security Cameras activated 24/7.

3.) Our Shredding Facility is Locked 24/7.

4.) Our Facility is armed with a secured alarm system that is activated when the building is unattended.

5.) Our trucks are always attended or locked when gathering documents.

6.) Our document containers are equipped with locks for security.

7.) Our Shredder uses a cross cut system for extra security.

8.)  All shredded documents are bailed before sent for recycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of our customers have a one time need. U-Shredd-It accommodates our customers whether they need large purges, periodic pickups, or just a few boxes shredded.


What  if I only have a one time need?

Am I able to observe as my documents  are being destroyed ?

Yes. U-Shredd-It will come out to your vehicle and bring your documents in for you. The documents will then be taken into our secured facility. You will be taken to the observation window where you can watch your documents being destroyed .


Yes. U-Shredd-It has a number of locking and non-locking containers to accommodate your needs. Pickups can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, or designed to accommodate your special situation.

Do you supply containers for our business to use?